Brooklyn Issue

South Brooklyn’s Time to Shine

The sun sets over the Coney Island Boardwalk. (Credit: New York Habitat)

South Brooklyn’s waterfront neighborhoods have long fostered considerable charm and affluence despite being overshadowed by the explosion of “brownstone Brooklyn,” Williamsburg and Bushwick.

A few isolated incidents—take the 2011 Brighton Beach boardwalk shooting—and Superstorm Sandy didn’t help with image improvement, but recent developments point to South Brooklyn’s waterfront communities as the next Kings County neighborhoods to catch fire.

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A Mall Grows in Bushwick?

Could 82 Bogart Street attract... these hipsters?

For more than five years, an exodus of the young and hip from the aluminum-siding-studded homes of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, has been flowing southeast into neighboring Bushwick.

But now a nascent 80,000-square-foot retail and nightlife complex at 82 Bogart Street threatens to cement the neighborhood’s imminent transformation from underground hipness to mainstream retail success once and for all. Read More


Checkerboard Blue Ugly Even for Bushwick

The real estate boom littered slapdash, unattractive buildings all across the city, especially in the North Brooklyn precincts of Williamsburg, Greenpoint and Bushwick. The latter, with its working class, clapboard rowhouses, is not especially known for its beauty to begin with–it is no Crown Heights or Midwood–yet this new development at 64 Palmetto Street, near Read More