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Listen for exclusive insights from our editorial team on the factors that shape the people, rankings and market trends in the commercial real estate sector.

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Commercial Observer memberships positions anyone interested in the CRE space for success with trusted commercial real estate news.

Our members represent the breadth of experience within CRE: brokers, investors and REITs, commercial property owners, developers and lenders. Their interests span all sectors and submarkets, including the office market, coworking spaces, mixed use properties, industrial and data centers; multifamily and affordable housing; healthcare facilities and more.

Brokerages, property management companies, occupiers and real estate investment firms all depend on Commercial Observer for the industry-leading insights and news on the forces shaping the commercial real estate market today. No matter how many square feet in your portfolio, a Corporate Connect Membership gives your team the information and connections they need to stay ahead of market trends and close more deals.

Commercial Observer reports nationally across the US. Our major areas of focus in America are:

New York: New York City, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx

California: Los Angeles and Southern California, San Francisco and Northern California and Inland Empire

Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia

Florida: Miami and South Florida

Illinois: Chicago and the Midwest

Texas: Dallas, Houston, Austin

And anywhere CRE deals are taking place.

Expand your knowledge and network at live events covering real estate investment and the top CRE asset classes, including office buildings, multifamily properties, retail properties, healthcare and life science facilities, data centers, affordable housing and more. Discover investment strategies and opportunities from market makers and industry game changers.

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