About Commercial Observer

Commercial Observer is the leading commercial real estate media company. Commercial Observer’s content, events and platforms connect and inform industry participants of key trends and people defining the global real estate landscape.

Commercial Observer reaches the most active owner/developers; leasing, sales and retail brokers; mortgage brokers; lenders and investors; attorneys; accounting firms; architects, engineers, and contractors; and others servicing the industry.

Commercial Observer was founded in 2009 as a print publication and daily web site, and since that time Commercial Observer has been committed to honesty and integrity in all our endeavors. As such, we intend our editorial standards to be of the highest caliber. This means a commitment to fairness and accuracy. Commercial Observer’s news is reported by trusted journalists and vetted by seasoned editors. All of Commercial Observer’s reporters attempt to reach relevant sources for all its stories (particularly of a negative nature).

Commercial Observer does not alter its stories after publication except if it’s to append corrections, and all corrections are noted. When mistakes are discovered Commercial Observer is committed to making corrections as swiftly as possible.

Any conflicts of interest are disclosed.