David Levinson

Chairman and chief executive officer of L&L Holding Company, which he founded with Robert Lapidus in 2000.

The son of a toy store owner in Queens, Levinson went to Northeastern University and began investing early in real estate, rehabbing buildings and becoming a landowner in Woodstock, N.Y. After school, Levinson tried to develop a ski resort and hotel, but it went bust. Levinson became a broker instead.

Levinson was part of a quartet of super brokers at Insignia/ESG that included Stephen Siegel, Mary Ann Tighe, Robert Alexander and Michael Laginestra. When CBRE acquired Insignia/ESG in 2003, Levinson was made a vice chairman. He left two years later while he was running L&L on the side. At CBRE-Insignia/ESG, Levinson was one of the most sought-after brokers, doing some $12 billion in business over 20 years, according to the New York Post. Among the blue chip clients that Levinson worked with were News Corp. and Bear Stearns.

Levinson is a part owner of the New York Yankees.