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Manhattan Office Market Stats May Surprise

When market participants talk about the office market, it is interesting to hear all of the divergent views on where the market is headed. These conversations often revert to topics like job growth, space utilization trends and the increasing number of folks who are working from home.
In the broader investment sales market in Read More

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Education is Key to New York’s Future

Mayor Bill de Blasio met with a group of real estate professionals last week to discuss his agenda for New York City. He touched on many of the topics that he addressed during the campaign and in his many news conferences since being elected. Among these, the highlights were public safety, affordable housing and our Read More

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The Couch Potato Society

Once upon a time in America, hard work was lauded. Having the opportunity to work hard and achieve was a formula for happiness, a builder of self-confidence, a booster shot for self-esteem. providing a comforting reminder that if one worked hard, you would have a great chance for success. Hairstylist Vidal Sassoon is credited with Read More

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2013 Investment Sales Results

As anticipated, after a slow start in 2013, investment sales activity in New York City continued to strengthen over the course of the year. As the economy and property fundamentals improved, a second-half investment rally pushed 2013’s dollar volume close to last year’s result. Additionally, we saw double-digit increases in values across the board last Read More

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Why Investment Sales Will Set Records in 2014

After my column in which I forecasted a record year in New York’s investment sales market appeared in these pages last week, the emails came flooding in primarily asking me if I had lost my mind. Nearly everything written or discussed by market analysts, or participants, has predicted “flat”, “moderating”, “normalizing” or “more of the Read More

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Get Ready for a Record-Breaking 2014

The New York City investment sales market last year was, indeed, a memorable one. While the final statistics won’t be available for another couple of weeks, there are some things that are very clear about the results.

Large transactions made a strong comeback as their numbers rose to levels that were several times larger than we saw in 2012. The dollar volume of sales will end up with a positive surprise, and the number of properties sold will be almost exactly what we projected it would be last January. As soon as those numbers are finalized, I will report them in this column. Read More