Rastegar Property Company

Rastegar Property Company is an Austin, Texas-based real estate investment firm.

It specializes in development and ownership of properties in Texas and much of the rest of the southern U.S. In January 2021, Rastegar launched a $200 million real estate investment trust targeting older multifamily properties across the Sun Belt. In this, the company has been looking for apartment complexes of no more than 120 units each, but in particularly in-demand markets as measured by their job growth.

The wider company also focuses on sectors considered to be largely recession-proof, including self-storage and discount retail. It had at least 4.9 million square feet of real estate in development as of spring 2021, and was working in 34 cities in a dozen states.

Ari Rastegar started Rastegar Property Company in 2015 after several years’ experience investing in real estate in Texas. Rastegar was the company’s chief executive officer as of spring 2021.