The Gangs of New York: Who Rules Each Manhattan Zip Code


zip code map The Gangs of New York: Who Rules Each Manhattan Zip Code
Cartography By Jonathan Levy.

From Washington Heights to Lower Manhattan, nearly every neighborhood includes at least a little office space.

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And while it can be difficult to discern on the ground, most neighborhoods and ZIP codes have a single, predominant landlord who rules the roost.

To determine who controls each of the borough’s nearly 50 ZIP codes, we combed the portfolios of Manhattan’s 20 largest owners and drafted a turf map of sorts. In cases where none of the 20 largest landlords owned office property, such as in the Lower East Side and parts of the West Village, no victor is listed.

Gathered from each company’s official website and media liaisons, as well as the United States Postal Service, the data after the jump includes ZIP codes for single buildings as well, numbered in inset maps.