Amazon to Launch First In-Store Apparel Shop: Updated

The new store is planned for Caruso’s Americana at Brand in Glendale, Calif.


Look out, Gap. Amazon’s newest target is brick-and-mortar clothing retailers.

The trillion-dollar company announced Thursday that it plans to open its first-ever physical apparel store, called Amazon Style, located at Caruso’s Americana at Brand shopping center in Glendale, Calif. It will feature popular brands for women’s and men’s apparel, shoes and accessories, including all the brands on its website.

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Amazon said the new outlet will have customers utilizing the Amazon Shopping app to scan items for sizes, color and rating. Shoppers can also have items sent to a fitting room, where they will be able to continue browsing for more options, and request more sizes and styles that will be delivered to the dressing room. 

Amazon’s machine learning algorithms can then build a profile for each customer and make personalized recommendations.

Rick Caruso, founder and CEO of Caruso, said his firm has a passion for innovation, and the company’s shopping centers “have long been the first choice for digitally native brands entering the brick-and-mortar space.”

“We seek out brands that share our values and customer-obsessed mission and know that Amazon Style will introduce a new gold standard in personalized guest experience,” Caruso said in a statement.

Amazon Style promises to offer more selections and double the number of styles than a traditional store of its size by tapping into feedback provided by millions of customers shopping on And with Amazon’s vast fulfillment center network, selections at Amazon Style will be frequently updated.

Amazon did not announce when the first store will open, or where subsequent locations might open.

Amazon Style is the second of the company’s stores to open at The Americana at Brand and will join the successful Amazon 4-star which opened at the center in 2019.

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UPDATE: This story has been updated to include commentary from Caruso.