SL Green Recycles Another 164,000 SF of Carpet


SL Green (SLG) Realty Corp. has recycled another 164,000 square feet of carpet as part of recent tenant office construction at 100 Church Street, making the product available for second generation products.

100 Church Street
100 Church Street

“The idea is that you can send it off into a landfill or you can do something better with it,” Jay Black, SL Green’s director of sustainability, told The Commercial Observer.

Mr. Black called the recycling initiative, started in 2007, a “strong push in our sustainability program,” with the firm’s ongoing commitment culminating in 3.2 million square feet of carpet and ceiling tile being recycled — instead of creating 1,086 tons of waste.

“It doesn’t cost more money and it doesn’t impact our ability to maintain schedules,” he said, noting that the firm consistently recycles other materials, such as scrap metal, lamps, and other construction debris.

In 2007, SL Green teamed up with New Jersey based recycling contractor Carpet Cycle, which specializes in the collection and recycling of carpet and ceiling tile and works closely with SL Green’s demolition contractors to collect the materials for use in new, second generation products, including ceiling tiles, car parts, carpeting and more.

“This is not a common practice, particularly on a reoccuring basis. We’re finding ways to be creative and do this on jobs of all sizes,” Mr. Black said.

“With no impact to cost or schedule, SL Green has proven that recycling of carpet and ceiling tile can be successfully integrated within all construction projects, whether 500, 50,000, or 500,000 square feet.”

Among other sustainability initiatives at the firm, Mr. Black oversees recycling, water savings and other efficiency measures met through the use of LED lighting and real-time energy management systems that allow management to optimize performance saving energy.