Meatball Shop Set to Open on the Upper East Side


 Meatball Shop Set to Open on the Upper East Side
Courtesy of Immaculate Infatuation

The popular New York-based restaurant chain Meatball Shop is set to open a new location in Manhattan.

The new restaurant located at 1462 Second Avenue will become the fifth location in the city. The space was previously occupied by a hardware store and features 2,000 square feet of open space divided between the basement and ground floor, which will hold approximately 70 seats.

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“The Meatball Shop always planned to open a location on the Upper East Side, since both owners were born and raised in the neighborhood,” explained Ricky Braha of Jack Terzi Real Estate.

The owners, Daniel Holzman and Michael Chernow, joined together to create the Meatball Shop on the Lower East Side in 2010, with the goal of revolutionizing the traditional meatball. Having both been educated at culinary school and worked at several well-known restaurants like Le Bernardin, the Fifth Floor and Woo Loe Oak on Mercer Street, the pair have taken New York by storm with the new restaurant.

“Guests are attracted to Meatball Shop’s unique concept, which combines great and affordable food in a lively atmosphere,” Mr. Braha noted.

Mr. Braha arranged the lease on behalf of the Meatball Shop and the building’s ownership, the Daten Group. The restaurant is expected to open in early January 2013.

The deal comes shortly after Meatball Shop inked a 10-year deal for a 11,500-square-foot production center in Brooklyn. The warehouse was acquired in consideration for the restaurant’s expansion and test kitchen.

“The restaurateurs are now looking for retail space on the Upper West Side and Murray Hill,” Mr. Braha further noted about expansion plans.