Jaccom Jacking Up Cresa Partners By Doubling Size of Firm


CresaPartners will be adding another 40 professionals to its New York City office and will focus heavily on tenant representation, the firm’s newly appointed president said in an interview today.

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Mark Jaccom, who left Colliers International last year and eventually took a top spot at CresaPartners, told Globe St. that he wants to add an eclectic mix of brokers, lawyers, graphic designers, financial pros, and consultants to the firm. 

markjaccom Jaccom Jacking Up Cresa Partners By Doubling Size of Firm “We want to be market leaders and want to make sure that we have our market share representing major tenants in the marketplace,” he said in the interview.  He also wants to grow the number of project managers in his NYC office from one to as many as five in the next year.

Mr. Jaccom anticipates that the Downtown market will become a strong second option for tenants who have been squeezed out of Midtown South.

“I do believe that when the market does kick up, there will be a race for space and prices are going to start rising,” said Mr. Jaccom in his predictions for 2013.

“But today, I do believe it is still a tenant’s market where tenants take advantage of the softening going on, and you can make incredible deals also in Midtown and Grand Central because of the migration of tenants going south,” he added.