Check Out Forrest Solutions’ Ambitious Furniture Plan at 19 West 44th Street


floor plan for web Check Out Forrest Solutions Ambitious Furniture Plan at 19 West 44th StreetWhen Forrest Solutions’ self-described Chief Happiness Officer Mitchell Weiner chose to relocate to 17,684 square feet at 19 West 44th Street, he also made a conscious decision to dramatically reimagine what a work space in Midtown Manhattan could be. Indeed, with the help of Marc Spector and his architectural firm, the Spector Group, the temporary staffing business, which caters to the staffing needs of Fortune 500 companies, moved from what was an otherwise dreary, traditional space into one of the more ambitious offices in Manhattan. After the jump, Mr. Spector reviews the furniture plans with The Commercial Observer last week and discussed what, exactly, drew Forrest Solutions to the ninth floor of 19 West 44th Street.