As the president abandons his hideout on Martha’s Vineyard to take control of Irene’s violent progress northward… [Gawker]

…NYC is showing how we panic. Which is slowly, combatively, neurotically and drunkenly. [Crain’s]

And when we say panic, we mean “shut down mass transit before it really starts to rain”-kinda panic… [NY Post]

“Pull all the taxis from the road”-kinda panic… [WSJ/Metropolis]

“No building of anything at all”-kinda panic… [The Real Deal]

“No baseball”-kinda panic… [NY Mets], [Brooklyn Cyclones]

“No museums”-kinda panic… [The Met]

Even “No Dave Matthews Band”-kinda panic. [Reuters]

Just stay in and “shtup” your landlord. [BrickUnderground]

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