Abbe Franchot-Borok

Abbe Franchot-Borok.

Abbe Franchot-Borok

Head of U.S Debt at BentallGreenOak

Abbe Franchot-Borok
By November 9, 2020 9:00 AM

What are the key lending opportunities you see as we round out 2021?

We see tremendous opportunity to lend on value-add business plans and transitional assets — real estate investors are active again and are in need of debt capital to execute. We are seeing strong deal flow and good investment opportunities across the value add spectrum.  

What’s the one thing you wish you’d known in March 2020 that you know now? 

That the economic recovery would be faster and quicker than most thought, and that the loan portfolios of alternative lenders, for the most part, would prove to be quite resilient. There was no need to panic!

Pick your poison (and tell us why you’d drink it): retail or hospitality?

Hospitality. Domestic leisure travel is back, and international and corporate travel are seeing signs of life. It is clear that people want to travel again!

Where are you seeing the most competition for deals today? What’s the greatest weapon in your bidding arsenal? 

Relationships and the reputation BGO has built for execution, reliability and creativity when structuring and closing deals.

New York City: “I want to be a part of it”?

New York, New York! You cannot replicate the energy, diversity and resilience of New York City.  

What’s your favorite secondary market and why? 

Raleigh-Durham, partly because I just closed a loan there and partly because it is projected to be one of the fastest-growing regions in the U.S. between now and 2030.

How prominent do you envision C-PACE financing becoming? Is it here to stay? 

Here to stay. C-PACE is an early example of [environmental, social and governance]-focused lending, which we think will continue to grow over time.

Lightning Round

Stabilized or transitional assets?


First work trip post-COVID?

I’ve been traveling for a while, but just went to my first in-person conference in Chicago.

Fast-food guilty pleasure? 


Peloton bike or outdoor cycling?


Last book you read? 

My kids are 5 and 2, so probably something by Mo Willems.

Who would play you in the biopic of your life? 

I’ve been told I look like Uma Thurman.