Zoning Rule on NYC Ballot Today

New Yorkers are voting on changes to the city’s ULURP land use and planning process


As New Yorkers hit the voting booths today, they’ll be asked to weigh in on changes to the city’s land use and rezoning process known as ULURP. The proposal, if passed, would require developers to provide the community board and local officials with advanced access to review their project plans. It would also give community boards additional time over the summer to review those plans.

Commercial Observer reported in March on the proposed changes being considered for ULURP, with most developers wary of changes that would extend the planning process.

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Here’s the full text of the ULURP question (one of five proposals up for consideration today), as it appears on the ballot:

Proposal Number 5, a Question: Land Use: This proposal would amend the City Charter to: For projects subject to the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP), require the Department of City Planning (DCP) to transmit a detailed project summary to the affected Borough President, Borough Board, and Community Board at least 30 days before the application is certified for public review, and to post that summary on its website; and Provide Community Boards with additional time to review ULURP applications certified for public review by DCP between June 1 and July 15, from the current 60-day review period to 90 days for applications certified in June, and to 75 days for applications certified between July 1 and July 15. Shall this proposal be adopted?