Veronica Mainetti, Sorgente Group of America


2013 Owners MagazineFavorite charity? 

FACES (Find A Cure for Epilepsy and Seizure).

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Real estate prediction for 2014? 

The economy is improving at a slow pace, but it is improving. This, together with a stable increase in employment, is eliminating uncertainty and raising confidence in the real estate market. We believe the real estate market should continue on its steady course and should be back in great position over the next few years.

Where in New York is there still untapped potential for real estate development? 

Everywhere. It’s just about timing.

Who will become New York City’s next mayor?  

Christine Quinn.

What real estate policy should New York’s next mayor make a priority?   

Sustainability policies.

What qualities do you look for in an agent representing your buildings? 

Integrity, availability, personable, honesty, communicative and knowledgeable.

What is one aspect of your business you wish you had more time for? 

I wish I had more time to spend at my construction sites.

Greatest fear: 


If approved, the Midtown East rezoning initiative will: 

Be disappointing as it is currently proposed. As a pro-energy efficient preservationist, I am conflicted by its premise. I am not necessarily opposed to the idea, but it needs some major retooling.

In the film version of your life, which actor would portray you? 

Betty White.

Foreign real estate market you’d most like to invest in: 

We just began a new project in Brazil and see that market being a huge success for us.

What should happen with Madison Square Garden and Penn Station? 

See answer for Midtown rezoning.

What New York City building should be torn down? 

As a preservationist, I find it hard to specify any one building.