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Brooks Brothers to Launch Steakhouse


(Photo: Characters Unlimited)
(Photo: Characters Unlimited)

What do suits and steaks have in common?

Suit and tie maker Brooks Brothers plans to pair the two up like never before, with plans to launch its first steakhouse, branded “Makers and Merchants,” at 11 East 44th Street, the New York Post reported.

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The giant steakhouse, just around the corner from Brooks Brothers’ flagship store at 346 Madison Avenue – a 15,000-square-foot space the suit maker took over from J. Press in 2008 to house its women’s line – will sprawl across three currently vacant floors.

Though no plans are on record yet with the Department of Buildings, nor has a liquor application been filed with the State Liquor Authority, the Post said the restaurant will serve as the prototype for a branded steakhouse line across the US, with the company stating that preliminary plans call for a summer 2014 launch.

Founded in 1818, Brooks Brothers operates 300 stores worldwide.