Following Massive Flooding, Work Resumes on World Trade Center After Days Rather Than Weeks


So many parts of the city’s crucial infrastructure remain under water, most notably those Con Edison generators downtown, but the city is drying out remarkably fast following the worst storm in living memory. Even some of the subway tubes have come back, if only there was power to run trains through them.

At his press briefing this evening, Governor Cuomo made a surprise announcement, actually in the middle of talking about what dismal shape the PATH train is in—there appears to be some five miles worth of flooding, the length the line under the Hudson from New York to New Jersey, so that is one thing that will probably be submerged for some time to come. But a place that will not be is the World Trade Center, which after flooding a good 15 to 20 feet across the site only three days ago, is now dry and in working order.

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“Work will recommence at the ground zero site tonight,” Governor Cuomo declared. I was just congratulating some of the workers, there was tremendous flooding at the ground zero site. We went from seeing the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel turned into a flume, we walked up the World Trade Center site, where water was cascading into the site from every imaginable angle, at such a decibel level, it was disorienting. The entire site was flooded.”
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