Check Out 250 West 57th Street’s First Full-Floor Tenant Since the Early 1980s


the plan1 Check Out 250 West 57th Streets First Full Floor Tenant Since the Early 1980sWhen executives at Malkin Holdings’ W&H Properties chose to reposition the Empire State Building and several other assets prior to the downturn, few expected that 250 West 57th Street, a building chock-a-block with 150-square-foot offices, would experience such a rapid transformation. But sure enough, less than five years after those ambitious renovations began, the building welcomed its first full-floor tenant in three decades, thanks to a leasing deal with Perseus Books Group in February. Seeking to consolidate two offices in New York City, the publishing group took the 26,104-square-foot 15th floor earlier this year and expects to consolidate and expand over the next few weeks. After the jump, Anthony Malkin, president of Malkin Holdings, reviews the furniture plan and the Mufson Partnership architectural designs with The Commercial Observer and discusses why, exactly, Perseus chose 250 West 57th Street.