An Annotated Furniture Plan for Newly Opened Sagafredo Zanetti at 504 Sixth Avenue


plan for web1 An Annotated Furniture Plan for Newly Opened Sagafredo Zanetti at 504 Sixth AvenueHigh-end coffee shop Segafredo Zanetti has cracked the New York market with a 5,000-square-foot café at 504 Sixth Avenue at 13th Street. This outpost of the franchise is owned by The Brothers Kang Group. One of the brothers, Bari, told The Commercial Observer that the café is “a sister company of Massimo Zanetti Beverages, which is the world’s largest coffee manufacturers.” Segafredo Zanetti’s space in New York will feature about 2,500 square feet for front-of-house operations, chiefly on the ground floor, and another 2,500-square feet for back-of-house—a ground floor kitchen and a basement where the liquor room and walk-in cooler and freezer will be located. Mr. Kang said that many factors went in to choosing this particular location. “It’s in between several different hot spots—Union Square, Meatpacking, Chelsea and the Village,” he said. “So it’s a great center point for these neighborhoods and you get a lot of different people in terms of foot traffic and tourists.” Design-wise, he pointed out, it’s based on a Möbius strip—with everything connected, from the ceiling to the bar to the banquettes. After the Jump, an annotated furniture plan and what to expect at Sagafredo Zanetti.

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