On the Market: Hedgie Brommer Flips Again; St. Vincent's Fraud Fears; Red-Tailed Roommate; Prospect Park Goes Back to Nature


Trouble ahead? Tempting Chelsea lot gets no bidders at foreclosure auction. [Crain’s]

A folksy home. Well, a home full of folk art, at least. [Times]

Witikoffs win Toy Bulding bidding, will build condos… again. [Journal]

What would Olmstead and Vaux do? In defense of restoring a Prospect Park marsh. [BK Paper]

After a record flip at 1060 Fifth, Scott Brommer turns the trick on CPW. [Real Deal]

St. Vincent’s under fraud investigation, amid fears execs bankrupted hospital to sell it. [DNAinfo]

Wiki-architecture! Download your home. [ArchPaper]

Want a deal in the Village? It’ll have to be a seven-story walk-up… for, oh, $2,000. [Journal]

Red-tailed hawk flies into Upper West Side apartment. Breadcrumbs were no match. [Daily News]

Lawyers carve out a niche defending city’s growing number of cyclists. [Times]

Meanwhile, killing the bike thieves with kindness, and maybe a little guilt. [BK Paper]

Keeping politics out of the 9/11 ceremony—now, and into the future. [Journal]

Harlem storefront collapses. [DNAinfo]


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