Pyramids? Dumbo Says Not In My Backyard


1290010356 tobaccopyramid2 Pyramids? Dumbo Says Not In My BackyardAs architectural gems go, pyramids are great. So are historical open-air warehouses. What’s less clear is whether the two really belong together. 

The battle between Prospect Heights-based dance troop LAVA and performance group St. Ann’s regarding who will take over Dumbo’s hallowed, hollowed-out Tobacco Warehouse has grown heated, according to Curbed. Both tobacco warehouse todaygroups want to keep the space uncovered, but the similarities pretty much end there.

St. Ann’s proposes spiffing up the 19th century warehouse into a performance space with all the exposed brick and tasteful modern seating your traditionalist heart could desire. LAVA’s design is pretty vague, except that they want a golden pyramid in the courtyard. But then they’ve got the Partridge Family‘s Susan Dey on their side, so it’s pretty much a draw. 

The decision could be made as early as today, but with a story involving pharaohs, NIMBYs and David Cassidy, we can only hope this fight has a mummy’s lifespan.