In New Ad, Gillibrand Frames DioGuardi


Senator Kirsten Gillibrand isn’t taking any chances in her first statewide run, releasing a new ad today that attempts to frame her largely-unknown opponent, Joe DioGuardi.

Unlike her colleague, Chuck Schumer, whose ads don’t mention his opponent, Gillibrand’s new spot ad hits at the core of DioGuardi’s pitch to voters–that he opposes government spending–by casting him as a lobbyist and tax cheat, who voted for his own congressional pay raise.

The spot comes as two-thirds of voters say they still don’t enough about the former Westchester congressman, and one day after DioGuardi released his own introductory bio spot about restoring the American dream.

Of course, Gillibrand has her own bio spots up too–one of the advantages of having raised more than $10 million dollars.