Paterson: 16 Trees Sign of Progress at W.T.C.


wtcjuly 2 Paterson: 16 Trees Sign of Progress at W.T.C.Governor David Paterson said today that 16 out of 400 trees have been planted at the former World Trade Center site, a sign that progress is being made.  

Officials provided an update this afternoon on construction at the site of the September 11 attacks. They also said four office towers, a transit center, a memorial and a museum may be complete by 2014, Bloomberg reported. Construction work on the project’s signature 1,776-foot building, 1 World Trade Center, has reached the 36th floor. Two steel columns taken from the wreckage after the attacks were also installed at the entrance to the September 11th Memorial and Museum.

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“The progress that we’ve made here is helping us honour that obligation to our nation and the free world,” said Mayor Michael Bloomberg, according to the Canadian Press

Of course, anonymous local residents disagree, reports NY1. “It’s a national disgrace,” said one. “It really is. And the politics that went into that, again, makes us fools around the world.”