The Week in Real Estate Quotations


governorsislandcollage The Week in Real Estate Quotations“But, anyway, I have this very large tennis memorabilia collection, which I’ve been accumulating over the past 20 years. I have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of rackets. Rackets that Ivan Lendl won the French Open with. I have Jimmy Connor’s T2000 racket, when he won the U.S. Open. I have a really, really cool picture in my office of Babe Ruth playing tennis with Bill Tilden.” — Bruce Schonbraun of FTI Schonbraun McCann Group 


“Thousands of people line up every single weekend day and come out here. You have to be patient, but whether it’s transforming public space, or whether it’s the rise of the creative class, that’s how urban redevelopment is done.” — Leslie Koch, president of the Trust for Governors Island


“I just like the guy, plain and simple. I like the simple approach to things. No nonsense, no bullshit, no high-end snobbery. He tells it like it is, at least as I see it.” — CB Richard Ellis’ Stephen Siegel on Manhattan beep Scott Stringer


“We tried to get a feel for neighborhoods. We soon realized we wanted to be south of midtown.” — Alan Colberg, Bain & Company’s global finances chief, on his new apartment   


“We’re really in early stages of showing our thoughts. It’s a special building that is very contextual and would work great as part of the Meatpacking District.” — Taconic co-CEO Paul Pariser


“The Decision should be accorded full retroactive effect.” — Justice Richard B. Lowe III ruling for Stuy Town tenants to get rent reimbursements


“The foolishness about the entire debate, of course, is that there is no compelling reason to be distracted by the peripheral yelling and screaming. New York City’s land use laws are set up to listen to New York City, and if the mayor and the Council and the community board are all in agreement, then, at this point, there isn’t any window for those on the outside to enter and change the course.” The Observer‘s Eliot Brown on the ground zero mosque