Catholic League President: Empire State Building Owners ‘Bigots’


christopherchan 0 Catholic League President: Empire State Building Owners BigotsThe president of the Catholic League, Bill Donahue, has called the Empire State Building operators who declined his request to light the building in honor of Mother Teresa “bigots.”

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According to the Associated Press:

His advocacy group requested the illumination on Aug. 26 for the centennial of the late Nobel Peace Prize winner’s birth.

Donohue said the request was denied without explanation.

Now, the City Council is getting involved. Queens Democrat Peter Vallone told the Daily News that “I worked behind the scenes for about a week, but when nothing came of it, I decided to go public.”

Mr. Vallone expects his colleagues to join him in demanding that the Malkin family, which owns the tower, light it blue and white when the would-be 100th birthday arrives.