What Were Books, Daddy? Two Trees Exhibit Space Pays Homage


111 front street property shark 0 What Were Books, Daddy? Two Trees Exhibit Space Pays Homage

Before they were flashes of pixels jettisoning across screens, books meant pages and crackling spines and penned notes in the margins. Although bookstores may be closing, Dumbo’s recently opened art gallery Central Booking is devoted to those strange relics of pre-Kindle civilization.

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It’s perhaps fitting that physical books are finding homes in spaces typically reserved for aesthetic appraisal, or maybe an onslaught of digital reading has sparked interest in books as physical things. Whatever the reason, Central Booking is like an acid-fueled bookstore turned inside out. Its rotating book art exhibitions range from re-envisioned Natural History texts to large book sculptures. Books hang from the ceilings and racks of zines line the walls.

Originally a pop-up gallery, Central Booking signed a two-year lease at Two Trees Management‘s 111 Front Street. The 1,250-square-foot gallery opened last week as part of Dumbo’s First Thursday celebration.