Blackbird Artists Flies Into Walentases’ Dumbo


45 main street prop shark Blackbird Artists Flies Into Walentases’ DumboIt’s practically a law of real estate that the fermenting of artistic energies in a neighborhood also makes the rent prices blossom.

Down below the bridge in Brooklyn, in that cobblestoned colony of industrial-chic warehouses and galleries, there’s no denying that Dumbo is pretty creatively ripe. David and Jed WalentasTwo Trees Management, which owns most of the neighborhood and readily accepts credit for its economic revitalization, revealed a new face in its artsy line up with Blackbird Artists Agency.

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Blackbird, a music booking company for the young and the bearded, inked 357 square feet for its new digs on 45 Main Street. Caroline Pardo, who represented Two Trees Management on the deal, said of the arrival, “Creative companies are drawn to the artsy vibe here, and are happy to find a thriving community of their peers.”

With more than a thousand arts organizations calling Dumbo home, the vibes are certainly thriving—though in their trails, the luxury condos and Starbucks have inevitably followed. But whether tenants such as Blackbird and its roster of ethereal-eyed troubadours will remain permanent Dumbo fixtures or are merely a part of a broader cultural cycle, a short-lived come-hither to economic development in the dance of gentrification, only time will tell.

Blackbird Artists Agency was not represented by a broker.