Ballroom Waltz: A Minute-By-Minute Account of Last Night’s REBNY Gala

REBNY Ballroom final

Thursday’s Real Estate Board of New York gala packed an estimated 2,400 guests into the Hilton New York’s overstuffed Grand Ballroom—an increase from last year by about 200. The Commercial Observer walked the room, hobnobbed with brokers and landlords and taste-tested a dinner of steak and potatoes while washing it all down with a few stiff drinks. Staff Reporters Karsten Strauss and Al Barbarino get the inside dish.

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Op-Ed: Office Market Hasn’t Bottomed Out Yet

Much has been written lately about the resurgence of the city’s office space market. Has the market really recovered?

Last year, financial markets were in a state of disarray not seen since the Great Depression. There was a sense that the U.S. banking system could actually collapse, dragging many businesses along with it. The sense Read More