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Vision Drives Success

Astronauts were the seminal figures of my youth. Forty-five years ago on July 20 man landed and walked on the moon, changing the way humans literally and figuratively viewed the world. The American astronauts fulfilled the human dream of exploration and, in the midst of the Cold War, showed the world what American ingenuity could Read More

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Overcoming the Summertime Blues

Summer is a time of barbecues, beaches and vacation. But it should not be a time for brokers to relax. Instead it is a time to plant the seeds for a great second half of the year. Here are some ideas to make the summer productive and profitable.

Keep priorities clear: An interesting aspect of Read More

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Managing Your Sales Pipeline

Managing a sales pipeline is important because it allows a broker to monitor and assess potential deals and appropriately allocate time and resources to them. Brokers should have a very intentional pipeline management process, and the following tips can help build one.

Let’s begin with the premise that using data effectively enables better decisions. Without Read More

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Fathers, the Quiet Heroes

We live in a world of false heroes where we exalt the famous for being, well, famous. Actors, singers, politicians or athletes should not be emulated for their fame alone. Instead we should revere people not because of who they but because of what they are. Fathers, such as my dad, are some of the Read More

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Identifying a Real Seller

Perhaps the most frustrating part of a Broker’s job is marketing a Seller’s property only to find out, after hours of work, that the Seller was never going to sell. The earlier in the process you can identify a Seller who will waste time the better off.

Here are some of the telltale signs that Read More

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Breaking the Four-Minute Mile

I possess a childlike exuberance and take special pleasure when individuals achieve the unprecedented. Sixty years ago this month Roger Bannister accomplished such a feat.
On May 6th, 1954, Bannister became the first human to run a sub 4-minute mile. Prior to this moment many in the medical and running communities considered the 4-minute Read More

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Commencement Time

College graduation is one of the great inflection points in life, ripe with unlimited possibilities. Here is what I wish I knew when I graduated college.

Work experience cannot be duplicated for the discipline, knowledge and skills it builds. Malcolm Gladwell in his fine book, Outliers, popularized the idea that it takes 10,000 hours to Read More

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Effective Email Communication

Email is the preferred method of communication for many; it is also the most problematic. Most of us know the stress of 100 emails, many irrelevant. The simplicity, immediacy and potential breadth of email makes use a challenge. Here are some tips to make your email use more effective:

1. Choose the right method of Read More

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Life Lessons From The Trail

My fourteen-year-old son Matthew and I just returned from a hiking trip in Guatemala’s Mayan Highlands. Our journey was challenging, meaningful, fun and enlightening. We took away four primary lessons that apply to our daily lives: First, without unrelenting effort you miss out on the best that life offers. Second, discomfort and sacrifice is necessary Read More

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The Art of the Appointment

The first appointment with a seller is an inflection point in a relationship. Done well and you can secure the listing and eventually a paycheck; done poorly and it may be the death knell for a relationship.

Part art, part science. The structure of the appointment–clarity and accuracy of facts–is science; delivery and connection is Read More

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LinkedIn Your Way to Success

LinkedIn is a great tool for networking your way to success that allows a Broker to connect, learn, build knowledge and enhance his or her reputation. LinkedIn is essentially a professional marketing page of the online world and these guidelines will maximize its efficacy, enhance your business and perhaps even land you your next job. Read More

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Keeping Score With the Right Metrics

Winners keep score but in investment sales, with such a long sales cycle, choosing the metrics can be difficult. Tracking, measuring and analyzing activity is crucial for Brokers because it helps to calibrate performance. Like Ravel’s Boléro, the sales process constantly builds to its crescendo and each successive step on the tracking ladder shows an Read More

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Identify Your Next Move

Aikido, in contrast to other martial arts forms, directs the motion of the other person rather than opposing it head-on, requiring little energy and physical strength. In contrast, most other martial arts are about striking and directness. But what do martial arts have to do with Brokerage? Aikido, in brokerage, is an extraordinary way to Read More