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LinkedIn Your Way to Success

LinkedIn is a great tool for networking your way to success that allows a Broker to connect, learn, build knowledge and enhance his or her reputation. LinkedIn is essentially a professional marketing page of the online world and these guidelines will maximize its efficacy, enhance your business and perhaps even land you your next job. Read More

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Keeping Score With the Right Metrics

Winners keep score but in investment sales, with such a long sales cycle, choosing the metrics can be difficult. Tracking, measuring and analyzing activity is crucial for Brokers because it helps to calibrate performance. Like Ravel’s Boléro, the sales process constantly builds to its crescendo and each successive step on the tracking ladder shows an Read More

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Identify Your Next Move

Aikido, in contrast to other martial arts forms, directs the motion of the other person rather than opposing it head-on, requiring little energy and physical strength. In contrast, most other martial arts are about striking and directness. But what do martial arts have to do with Brokerage? Aikido, in brokerage, is an extraordinary way to Read More

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Network to Get Work

Networking is important for real estate Brokers because it enables them to build and deepen relationships with existing and prospective clients. In the past, networking meant meeting people face- to-face at REBNY, workshops or continuing education events. Technology such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites has changed the game but nothing can Read More

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Crafting a Compelling Value Proposition

There is a classic McGraw-Hill advertisement from the 1950s that shows a scowling businessman. The ad (shortened for space) says: “I don’t know you. I don’t know your company. … I don’t know your company’s customers … reputation. Now, what was it you wanted to sell me?”

Underlying this ad is the often under-articulated question: Read More

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The Importance of Cold Calling

Cold calling is an important skill for Brokers. In fact, it is the lifeblood of the industry. When I train and coach Eastern’s Brokers on cold calling there are several essential pieces that I look for to enable them to maximize the impact of each call.

Commitment: At Eastern, our Broker’s set call goals every Read More

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The Greatest Sales Book Ever Written

Brokers need to engage in “Kaizen” – the Japanese word for constant, never ending improvement. Toward that end I read books regularly to improve my skills. There are several books that I read annually and one is perhaps the greatest sales book ever written: Green Eggs and Ham. Yes, Dr Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham Read More

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The Key Is Understanding Nonverbal Communication

Top Brokers know, either intuitively or through conscious attention, how to read others. They read people not by the words they use, but rather by their nonverbal communication or body language.

In a landmark study, UCLA Professor Albert Mehrabian found in face-to-face communications, 55 percent of the message comes from body language, 38 percent Read More

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The Power of First Impressions

1…2…3…That’s how long it takes to make a first impression. In brokerage, first impressions often make a lasting impact and greatly influence future relationships. People make snap judgments about others and those judgments influence, and perhaps dictate, interpersonal perceptions.

First impressions are powerful because they create a mental filter through which all subsequent interactions travel. Read More

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Do You Suffer From Call Reluctance?

Almost 80 percent of brokers who fail do so because they cannot handle phone rejection and consequently suffer call reluctance. Call reluctance is the inability to effectively manage rejection; it saps a Broker’s energy away from calling prospective clients and replaces that with “too much” research, analysis, busy work or schmoozing. The Broker feels busy Read More

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Putting the Seller’s Interests First

Brokers must put the Seller’s best interests first and decide on the optimal marketing approach to maximize a property’s value.  A flexible, robust brokerage platform that allows for both quiet, targeted, off-market deals and exclusives with a full blown marketing rollout allows  Brokers to create customized marketing plans to meet a seller’s needs.

This is Read More

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How to Become a Successful New Broker

What does it take to be a successful new broker in Real Estate? I get asked this question often. In my role as Chief Sales Officer at Eastern I am responsible for training and managing our new brokers. Last year, we developed the AdvanceTrac training program and its participants have significantly exceeded our expectations of Read More

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The Right Fit

“Fit,” or how a person meshes with the fabric of an organization and job, is perhaps the most important factor in a broker’s success.  I am responsible for hiring brokers at Eastern Consolidated.  I review hundreds of resumes and conduct about 40 interviews a month with Ivy League grads, MBAs, lawyers and successful entrepreneurs.  Although the candidates have strong pedigrees, I typically only extend one, perhaps two, offers a month.  In November, I received 229 resumes, conducted 31 face-to-face interviews and extended two offers.  Read More