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Greg Kraut on Avison Young’s Breakthrough Year

Are there personnel vacancies you’re looking to fill?

I think clearly we’re looking to find a great retail team and/or company to buy in the retail sector. That’s something where we’re treading very slowly. We’d rather sit empty with a service line until we find the best. For us its all about the quality of people.

Are you going to announce hires in the next couple of months?


How many?

I will tell you that we’re currently in a growth mode. We’re not growing for growth’s sake, but we are going to continue deepening our bench with talent. The growth of our operations will be directly in line with the needs of our clients.

We are looking to grow into Connecticut and Westchester as well as into Long Island and finishing up growing into New Jersey.

Is there a time line for this growth?

I would think that in the New York metropolitan area, we’re probably looking to open offices in the Long Island and the Connecticut and Westchester County markets in the next couple of years. Now in Jersey, you’ve got to understand, we bought the top project management firm in New Jersey that also has offices from D.C. up to Boston. With that acquisition, we brought on board CBRE’s No. 1 team—the Jeff Heller team.

Tell me about some of your recent successes.

We’ve actually just won a few significant assignments, one of which is we won the exclusive office leasing agency assignment in Manhattan, 1501 Broadway—which is the Paramount Building in Times Square. We just announced today that we’ve been retained as exclusive leasing agent for 1 Ramland Road, which is a 230,000-square-foot data center and disaster recovery facility in Orangeburg, N.Y. We are also working as the tenant representative for several companies with space requirements throughout New York City and plan to announce additional office leasing agency assignments in the coming months. We’re not going after every assignment; we’re being extremely selective and only going after those opportunities that reflect our core competencies.

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