Leviathan Capital

Leviathan Capital is a Manhattan-based real estate capital adviser and lender that deals in all manner of real estate financing, including construction and bridge loans.

The privately held company plays mostly in the lower and middle levels of the financing market, including loans for smaller multifamily and mixed-use properties as well as development sites. For instance, Leviathan in early 2020 sourced and arranged a $26 million loan for a mixed-use residential project on the Astoria, Queens, waterfront. Most of its deals are in New York City.

The coronavirus pandemic battered the city’s investment sales market, but real estate lending continued nonetheless. Smaller lenders such as Leviathan found opportunities in loaning for distressed acquisitions and turnarounds, and deals remained relatively plentiful for the firm as the recovery began with the vaccination rollout in late 2020 and early 2021.

Leviathan’s leadership includes partners Joe Hach, Yaniv Cohen and Noelle Castillo, as well as managing director Joe Habbouba. The company was founded in January 2018.