Joseph Vieitez, 32

Joseph Vietez.

Joseph Vieitez, 32

Partner at EP Engineering

Joseph Vieitez, 32
By December 6, 2022 9:00 AM

New York City’s evolving building codes have property owners in a tizzy this year. New rules that take effect in 2024 call for much stricter energy usage to limit carbon emissions from buildings. Some property owners called on EP Engineering and Joseph Vieitez, a partner at the consulting firm, for help.

“I think, in general, clients just saw a deadline,” Vieitez said. “They were nervous about that. And it caused them to panic a little bit.” It didn’t help that the city Department of Buildings, in some cases, wouldn’t accept any appeals past 2022, further shortening the timeline to comply with the new regulations.

The clients, most of whom were renovating properties, sat down with Vieitez and figured out a game plan, which soothed their initial worries.
“Being a good engineer and running an engineering firm takes a lot more than technical skill. You really need to have very good communication skills,” Vieitez said. “At the management level, it’s even more important than engineering, I would say. With the client, it’s understanding what their needs are. You’re also communicating internally. What do your employees need from you? Do they have the right support?”

That’s also what Vieitez, EP Engineering’s youngest partner, is most proud of this year. After listening to the needs and desires of employees, he made changes to the final review process, allowing them — not just supervisors — to provide feedback in the review. The move made it easier for employees to set their professional goals.

“As a young partner, I feel like I have a leg up because it really wasn’t very long ago that I was an employee and an engineer, working in the trenches,” Vieitez said. “I have a greater understanding of what the employees need than people who have been in the industry for 20, 30, 40 years.” —J.E.

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