Andrea Rodriguez Valdez and Andrés Leal

Andrea Rodriguez Valdez and Andrés Leal

Founder of PropTech Latam Summit, CEO at Triarii

Andrea Rodriguez Valdez and Andrés Leal
By October 6, 2023 1:19 PM

Latin America has trailed the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe in proptech development and funding, but in recent years that has begun to change. Latam, as Latin American is known colloquially, is inserting itself into the proptech picture, and the PropTech Latam Summit has had a lot to do with that.

Founded in 2018 by Andrea Rodriguez Valdez, Miami-based PropTech Latam Summit is the prime conference in Latin America, helping create and foster the region’s real estate technology ecosystem through 11 conferences that have brought together some 30,000 companies and people from 20 countries.

Andrés Leal, CEO of Triarii, a Bogotá-based consulting group, as well as the founder and former president of the Colombia Proptech Association, is another key influencer building proptech momentum in Latin America.

Created a few years ago, Triarii seeks to help real estate directors, executives and CEOs in the region in their technology adoption process and mindset, said Leal.

“We have trained more than 800 managers and real estate professionals throughout the region on the importance of the proptech industry, the power of working together to innovate and move toward a more digitally inclusive industry,” Leal said. “Additionally, we joined EAFIT, one of the most important universities in the region, to promote the first proptech course in the region.”

Triarii also helps promising startups with their business models, capital raising, data rooms and more. The company has promoted more than 62 startups throughout the region, including Habi, the first proptech unicorn in Colombia and in Latin America as a whole.

Together, Valdez’s PropTech Latam Summit and Leal’s Triarii are leading the charge to drive Latin America’s proptech scene toward greater growth through education, collaborative work and innovation.

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