Podcast: Warren de Haan Breaks Down the Banking Crisis


Banks, and particularly regional banks, provide some 70 percent of all loans in the United States. So with a “giant nuclear bomb” going off in the sector the big question is “now what?”

In this episode of Commercial Observer’s Finance Podcast recorded in mid-April, Finance Editor Cathy Cunningham engages in a high-level conversation with Warren de Haan, co-CEO of Acore Capital breaking down just that question.

With over $20 billion in assets under management, ACORE Capital is a leading credit manager specializing in commercial real estate lending. Warren’s extensive experience and expertise shed light on the challenges and opportunities faced by the industry, from the recent banking crisis to the changing dynamics of asset demand.

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Join Cathy and Warren as they explore the impact of these factors on non-bank lenders, the potential solutions for borrowers facing refinancing difficulties, and the macroeconomic concerns surrounding the market. Their engaging discussion provides valuable insights for anyone involved in the commercial real estate finance sector.