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Pickleball Facility ‘The Dink’ Coming to Maryland Business Park


An investor group led by professional pickleball player Jimmy Hall and coach Sonny Tannan will open a new facility for the newly-popular sport  in Millersville, Md.

Plans are already underway for the opening of The Dink of Severna Park, a 22,917-square-foot venue at 254 Najoles Road, a single-story R&D building within the I-97 Business Park. 

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The Dink of Severna Park will initially open with seven indoor courts this year, with three additional outdoor courts expected to be completed in the summer of 2024.

“As a purpose-built, dedicated pickleball facility, it is extremely important that we create a premium setting that is true to the most accomplished player, while also offering what is most optimal for beginners,” Timothy Schnupp, a lead investor on the project, told Commercial Observer. “This all begins with professional-grade courts and state-of-the-art lighting that properly illuminates the entire court from both sides, minimizing blinding from direct overhead lighting.”

Four of the courts will be the standard 30 by 60 feet with three additional courts being larger, spanning 30 by 64 feet, allowing more space at both ends of the court for higher-level play. All courts will be fully fenced to eliminate gameplay interruption from rolling balls entering from adjacent courts. 

The Hall-led group is also investing in acoustic solutions that will mitigate sound reverberation and permit comfortable conversations and clear communication during instructional lessons.

The 30,240-square-foot building that will house the pickleball facility is within St. John PropertiesI-97 Business Park, a 67-acre business community developed and managed by St. John Properties in Anne Arundel County.      

Michael Tait of St. John Properties handled things in-house for the landlord, while Chase Bourdelaise and Ian Deihle of Transwestern represented the tenant in the lease. 

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