Say What? Our Favorite Quotes From Owners Mag

Our favorite answers of the 2020 Owners Magazine survey.


Has your “dead to me” list grown?

It was long to begin with.Douglas Durst

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Exponentially. Rob Lapidus

Heck, I was able to be constructive with Leona Helmsley;
I can get along with anyone.
Anthony Malkin

Everything is on hold! John Catsimatidis 


How flexible are you with negotiating rents?

As a tenant, very much so! As a landlord, it’s like asking the captain of the Titanic if they like swimming in cold water—you don’t like it, but you do what you’ve got to do. Laurent Morali


Favorite at-home quarantine foods?

Tequila and coffee chip ice cream.
Rob Lapidus

Pancakes for dinner. Daniel Moore


How f&*@ed is retail?

Four letter words cannot describe how ‘f’d’ traditional brick-and-mortar retail truly is right now. —Winston Fisher

It’s not prudent to catch a falling knife, so we are staying away from retail at the moment. —Nicholas Bienstock

Anyone who bought retail in the last few years based on the retail rents in 2017 and 2018 is in trouble. —Jeffrey Gural 


What do you think will not go back to normal?

The current office environment has put us in the hospitality business, and our tenants are our guests.
—Marty Burger 

I’d also love to think that a lot of men who have had a greater chance to spend time at home with their kids and more fully appreciate the challenges of domestic responsibilities might step it up to more equitably share those obligations. —David Dishy 

Working from anywhere one to two days a week will likely become the new normal. —Jared Epstein


What do you think the city and/or state should do to help both real estate and the city?

Overhaul Community Boards. Currently the majority of CB members are anti-development, anti-liquor licenses, anti-cabaret licenses, anti-any type of change. Most CB members are anti-fun.
—Jared Epstein

We need a program for the conversion of hotels to housing, with a set-aside for affordable housing in return for a tax abatement. —Jake Elghanayan 

They’ve gotta cut the sh*t about private ownership of real estate. I had hoped that the recession would help recalibrate the view of private development that existed pre-pandemic.
—David Kramer 

I’d suspend the New York state and New York City mortgage recording tax and real property transfer tax for 2021. 
—Jason Muss


Who do you like for mayor?

A hybrid of Rudy Giuliani, Michael Bloomberg and Ed Koch.
—John Catsimatidis 

The next mayor may be confronted with the most serious financial crisis New York City has seen since the 1970s. —Justin Elghanayan 


Biden, Trump or Kanye? 

If Biden doesn’t win, I’m going to have to commute between the Hudson Companies and whatever country my wife moves to. —David Kramer 

Or is the more interesting question: Harris or Pence? —Daniel Moore


Best WFH hack? 

Initially well-intended, but you know the old saying about the road to hell. Don Peebles


Sourdough bread, banana bread, other? 

Seven-grain.  How’s that for a walk on the wild side? Leslie Himmel


Mayor de Blasio: Best Mayor or Best Mayor EVER? 

Definitely deserves a superlative. Douglas Durst