Verizon Complains That Landlords Block FiOS Growth


Verizon‘s nationwide expansion of FiOS may be hitting a roadblock in New York City. According to DSL Reports, the company has been having a hard time getting landlords to grant installers access to buildings. DSL Reports revealed that Verizon said that owners of 219 buildings across all five boroughs have denied access to Verizon workers in 2014. The buildings include a total of 26,000 apartments that are unable to receive the FiOS Service.

In 2013, the company claimed that 144 buildings blocked the company from installations that year. The company even sent a petition to the New York State Public Service Commission to gain access to six NYC buildings.

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The problem with the landlords could be aiding the infrastructure problems and old wiring that needs to be replaced. After Superstorm Sandy, Verizon was able to make updates to wiring in parts of lower Manhattan damaged by the storm.

Verizon has been growing its customer base and earnings with its FiOS products. In the fourth quarter of 2013, Verizon added 1.7 million customers. Verizon’s FiOS gives faster speeds for downloads, graphics and large files. The internet connection can go as fast as 300 megabits per second. The company made a deal with city officials in 2008 to finish FiOS installations in New York City by this coming summer.