Office Decor for the Modern Man


PR executive Paul Wilmot's office.
PR executive Paul Wilmot’s office.
Somehow, the image of a female creative executive’s office has crept into our collective imagination. We can envision this woman hosting meetings from her treadmill in a gilt-framed suite on the 25th floor. What is less easy to imagine but fascinating to discover, is the office of her modern male counterpart. 

In his office on West 27th Street at the Paris Review, editor Lorin Stein works at a tasteful gun-metal gray desk buried in manuscripts and current issues of the literary journal. Designed by Mr. Stein’s brother-in-law Geoffrey O’Sullivan, the room has big wooden beams, old-fashioned globe lights and bookshelves made from iron gas pipes. There’s a worn-in leather sofa, an Alex Katz portrait and tchotchkes galore, including a silver matchbox with a sailboat on it that a contributor gave him and a pair of standing ashtrays made by his great-grandfather, the ironsmith Samuel Yellin

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