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A great suit has a bit of magic in it. It makes you stand a bit straighter and hold your head a bit higher. It makes you feel important and, in turn, be perceived that way. But not just any suit has this kind of magic; it takes a suit with the perfect fit that’s in sync with your personality. That’s why a made-to-measure or bespoke suit is an essential part of any executive’s wardrobe. Take the leap by turning to one of Mortgage Observer’s trusted suiting experts.

Doyle Mueser Bespoke

Doyle Mueser calls its house style “English meets Italian,” merging the structure, shape and durability of English suits with the effortless drape of Italian fabrics. Doyle Mueser’s strength lies in its focus on the bespoke experience though, drawing out the personality of its male and female clients over the course of three or four fittings, in order to make a suit that deeply represents the buyer (six to 10 weeks, $3,250 and up).

19 Christopher Street, New York City, 347-982-4382,

(Rose Callahan Photography)

Seize sur Vingt

Seize sur Vingt is another custom suit-maker popular with young, urban professionals thanks to the slim, on-trend silhouette of its first-tier, made-to-measure program with a contemporary 6.5 cm lapel. Using your choice
of twill cotton or wool/cashmere-blended fabrics, the suit is made in Portugal and hand-finished in New York (four weeks, $1,300 and up). Sieze sur Vingts’s premium custom suits for men and women are cut and sewn by hand in Italy before being finished in New York with a vast array of fabrics, linings and styling choices. Less old school than some of its peers, they modernize the process by using video technology during the fitting process to bridge the gap between the tailors in Italy and fitters in New York (eight weeks, $2,890 and up).

78 Greene Street, New York City,

(Jon-Paul Rodriguez)

White Chalk

For suiting with a twist, head to White Chalk where quirky owner/designer/creative director Aaron Black believes in old-school details made modern and never shies away from a touch of whimsy. Employing top-tier fabrics from English mill Holland & Sherry, White Chalk has only one tier of made-to-measure: bespoke and made on site (four to eight weeks, $2,750 and up). For that price, you never ever have to worry about being one of a kind; Black never repeats a design.

240 Mulberry Street, New York City, 212-226-6544,


SuitSupply has gained a reputation as the suiting resource of fashion-savvy, up-and-coming executives who want the impact of a made-to-measure suit without breaking the bank. Slick interiors and a rocking playlist let you know from the moment you walk in that you’re going to get decidedly nonstodgy suiting. The Suit Up personal tailoring program delivers suits with more than 60 points of measurement to ensure perfect fit. Choose from more than 600 Italian fabrics, and you’ll have the finished product in three to five weeks (by appointment, $749 and up).

453 Broome Street,
New York City, 212-259-0400;
635 Madison Avenue, New York City, 212-828-7250,

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