Your Intro to Office Artwork

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Statistics show that, during your working years, you’ll spend roughly a third of your waking hours at work. If you’ve worked your way up to a corner office, you deserve for that to be a curated space that reflects your taste and makes a statement. Whether you’re ready to invest in a serious collection or just want to surround yourself with pieces you enjoy, art is the key to an office with impact. Need a place to start? Click through.

Ready to take the leap into building a personal collection of fine art? Then New York has a
wide world of art consultants ready to guide
you. The trick is to find one whose expertise aligns with your goals. Shelley Kaminer, for example, specializes in guiding her clients toward investment-grade emerging artists whose work she feels strongly will appreciate
in value.

For those who want their firm to get serious about art, Vick Art Advisors, the company responsible for adorning the walls of powerhouse companies, including the New
York Times Company, Time Inc. and Comcast,
is a great pick. Vick specializes in putting together complete art programs that reflect its client’s image and enhances the work environment, as well as suiting personal

If you have a taste for famous artists but not the astronomical prices they garner at auction, then Pace Prints is a great compromise. Pace Prints sells numbered editions from contemporary artists and masters produced in its New York printmaking workshops with methods ranging from woodcuts to etching to lithography.

Lumas’ mission is to make high-grade, museum-quality photographs available to the masses at reasonable prices. Photography is unique in the art world, because even in multiples, each work is “original.” However, by making the prints signed and limited edition, each one retains value. Bring images of your office to the Soho store (362 West Broadway), and a Lumas staffer will use digital wizardry to show how the space will look.