Mother-Daughter Sales Team Brings Showmanship to Open Houses


Late last year at the Peoples Improv Theater, Cristina Cote, one half of Corcoran’s superstar sales duo, the Terri-Cote Team, stood center stage, lip-syncing to Aretha Franklin. It was the night of her sold-out, all-female showcase, “HERsterical,” at the New York Comedy Festival. After watching the other comics in the lineup, including Saturday Night Live’s Vanessa Bayer, whose acts veered toward the dark and self-lacerating, Ms. Cote’s style was almost jarring, her vibe more old-school vaudevillian than dark ironist, more Lucille Ball than Sarah Silverman. “Our show is called ‘HERsterical.’ I think that’s a pretty clev-her title, isn’t tits?” the 26-year-old said with a wink.
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