Check Out New 59th Street-Columbus Circle Subway Shopping Corridor


the plan web 1 Check Out New 59th Street Columbus Circle Subway Shopping CorridorTwo weeks ago, the Metropolitan Transit Authority announced it had tapped Columbus Development to build, curate and manage Shop//Stop, an unprecedented 27,000-square-foot retail concourse at the 59th Street-Columbus Circle subway station.

As part of the plan, the developer will invest $6.5 million in capital improvements to the concourse, through which 21 million commuters pass each year. Columbus Development Principal Susan Fine, who previously worked on retail projects at the World Financial Center and Grand Central Terminal, spoke to The Commercial Observer last week about the unique challenges and opportunities presented by this public-private project.

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“We’re trying to create a family of stores—a curated group of stores—which will both serve the transit rider and the population on the street,” she said.

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