Robert Lapidus, L&L Holding Company


2013 Owners MagazineReal estate prediction for 2014? 

Slow and steady growth. Rebound in Midtown in areas that were hit the hardest—Sixth Avenue. Increase in rents for quality buildings that provide tenant experiences.

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Where in New York is there still untapped potential for real estate development? 

NYC existing buildings are over 75 year’s old—opportunity to redesign and create modern tenant amenities.

Who will become New York City’s next mayor?  

No idea. I would like to see Joe Lhota win.

What real estate policy should New York’s next mayor make a priority?   

Reduce burden on commercial real estate taxes. Need to maintain New York’s competitive advantage.

What qualities do you look for in an agent representing your buildings? 

We typically provide these services in-house. However, when needed, we seek to match the needs with the broker best suited for that job.

What is one aspect of your business you wish you had more time for? 

Spending more time with people in our organization.

Greatest fear: 

A mayor that has no business acumen and brings New York back to the dark ages.

If approved, the Midtown East rezoning initiative will: 

Greatly improve NYC.

In the film version of your life, which actor would portray you? 

Tom Hanks. He is very versatile and could probably pull it off.

Foreign real estate market you’d most like to invest in: 

None. Real estate is a local game. I prefer to stick to what I know.

Is broadband connectivity in New York City a priority at your buildings? 

We have in all of our buildings as a standard amenity.

What should happen with Madison Square Garden and Penn Station? 

Both should be redeveloped.

What New York City building should be torn down? 

The one that is blocking my view!