Real Estate Industry Chips In for de Blasio, but is it Too Late?


A report that appeared in Crain’s yesterday outlines the real estate and tech “heavyweights” who recently contributed to Bill de Blasio’s campaign, based on newly-released records.

(Photo: AP)
(Photo: AP)

Last week, Mr. de Blasio reported almost $50,000 in donations in a single day and on October 26 got more than $33,000, according to the report.

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But, “many in the real estate world are trying to get in while the getting is good,” Crain’s noted, with one real estate source stating that there is “no chance whatsoever that money now is worth what money was in June… the real winners are the early endorsers and early donors.”

Another commented, “A third wants bragging rights that they supported him, a third thinks it’s an insurance policy against him coming after them and a third thinks it gives them the ability to call him up and yell at him.”

A list of supporters who donated the maximum $4,950:

John Arillaga, a major Silicon Valley landowner.

Hotelier Ian Schrager, co-founder of Studio 54.

Raphael De Niro, son of Robert De Niro.

Reid Hoffman, a venture capitalist and founder of LinkedIn

The following contributed unspecified amounts:

Leonard Steinberg, who leads De Niro’s  luxury real estate team.

Darren Sukenik, a Douglas Elliman broker.

Ken Colao, president of CNY Builders.

Karen Heyman, a broker with Sotheby’s.

Aaron Jungreis, founder of Rosewood Realty Group.

Kyle Blackmon, a broker at Brown Harris Stevens.