Pavlov Media Reaches 10 Megabits in NYC and Chicago Markets


Broadband and television provider Pavlov Media is expanding its 10-megabit capabilities at its

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Chicago colocation facility, it was announced. The data center serves as a hub for equipment, bandwidth and other data-related uses.

The increase from 1 megabit to 10 will allow the company to offer higher speeds in the Chicago area. The expansion, meanwhile, will allow the company to have a greater presence in the Midwest. Pavlov also has centers in the Indianapolis and Minneapolis metro areas.

Earlier this year, Pavlov expanded its New York and New Jersey colocation facilities to 10 megabits. The company is now operating in selected markets across the United States with plans to continue expanding.

Pavlovs Dog Experiments On PavlovThe market demand is giving the company room to expand, Pavlov Chief Executive Officer Mark Scifres confirmed in a statement released by the company.

Pavlov Media offers branded products including Websnap, a traffic management service that includes brief blasts of service that can reach circuit capacity speed.

The company also produces Tesseractiv, Pavlov’s media content network. Tesseractiv improves high-volume bit-rate traffic, which includes streaming video. The network loads Web pages faster and works to improve video service. The company also provides private IP networks designed, constructed and operated by a team comprised of professionals from the multifamily real estate industry.