NYU-Poly Professors Win Google Research Award


A group of professors at New York University’s Polytechnic Institute are receiving a special research award from Google.

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NYU-Poly computer science and engineering professor Juliana Freire and research assistant professor Thanasis Korakis research were among the 100 university engineers and scientists worldwide recognized for their talent and work in big data and improving home wireless performance.

polytechnic institute of nyu office NYU Poly Professors Win Google Research AwardThe Google Faculty Research Award is a one-year merit the professors will receive to support computer science and engineering research. Awards cover up to $150,000 in expenses related to the research. NYU-Poly did not release the amount of the professors’ awards.

Thanasis Korakis’s research focused on improving broadband performance for Internet users. As a part of his research, Korakis studied Wi-Fi technology and home wireless local networks (WLAN) and issues consumers face with slow speeds and underperforming networks. He is currently developing an app to diagnose poor performance in home networks.

“Most home computer users don’t have the expertise to diagnose and resolve local network issues, and they end up blaming their Internet service or content provider,” Korakis said.

Juliana Freire’s research focuses on technology in urban life in New York City, including taxicab rides as a part of a larger analysis on spatio-temporal data, information that manages both time and space data, including tracking moving objects.

As a part of the grant award, both will travel to Google for presentations about their research.