Interior Designs Setting the Tone at New Restaurants


Over the course of the last few years, new design innovations and techniques have set the tone in creating a customer experience diners directly relate to a restaurant’s food. 

While many themes have become somewhat of a fad, there is a direct relation between build-outs, creating the ideal experience, and having a successful concept.  Interior design is certainly not an aspect one should overlook or try to cut corners on.

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Perhaps the most popular swatch of new designs has been the rustic themes that entail woodwork, dark tones, exposed brick, and an industrial aesthetic. The combination of these counterparts creates an ambiance of intimacy, comfort, and a welcoming atmosphere while enjoying one’s meal.

In doing so customers interpret the attention to detail in build-out, as a direct correlation to the higher quality of food they expect to enjoy. Restaurants such as Market Table, The East Pole, and Il Buco have fully immersed themselves in this movement by going with a more homegrown feel reflecting the authenticity of their food.  Whether the concept’s design is rustic or starkly modern, diners will feel comfortable spending the extra money if in turn the restaurant is also giving them an enjoyable dining experience as a whole. Whether it’s a warm sit down feel or quick-service formula, the design and attention to detail says it all.

Extensive build-out, capital improvements spent and design also certainly weigh in on a landlords decision making while evaluating a prospective tenant.  Landlords like to know not only what type of cuisine concept is trying to make its way into their building, but additionally what their build out will look like. Concepts with a signature design aesthetic, such as Bareburger or Dig Inn, are testaments to what ownership can expect in their building.

If one does not have an existing location it’s important to relay the design through renderings, pictures and examples. If the landlord likes the direction of design, and investment to infrastructure, they may be more inclined to choose it over the competition. A great build-out will not only secure customers, but may also be that push to securing the right locations going forward.