Neighbors Fume Over One57 Permit

Neighbors of One57 are reportedly fuming around-the-clock after the Department of Buildings granted Extell Development a 24-hour work permit.

(Photo: Al Barbarino)

One57 (Photo: Al Barbarino)

Residents are lashing out over a permit that allows Extell to run an exterior elevator and work on its crane through August 18, which is the latest of more than 300 such variances issued over the last year, DNAinfo reported.

“[The DOB] doesn’t give any thought to the neighborhood that surrounds the construction,” Marci Glotzer, a resident of 152 West 58th Street, told the publication.

“I don’t blame [Extell] for trying,” she said. “I blame the DOB for saying OK.”

The site has been a contentious one, especially after its crane partially collapsed during Hurricane Sandy, forcing nearby evacuations – and further evacuations when the crane was replaced in May of this year.

“The hoist is incredibly loud,” nearby resident Joel Maxmen told DNA, referring to the exterior elevator. “We couldn’t plan a family dinner because we didn’t know whether there would be work on that night.

“It’s like sitting in a sound chamber with 83 decibels running.”

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