Post Super Bowl: Six Tips to Ensure Success on the Field


If you think the Super Bowl is only about football, think again.

A broker friend of mine, who had little, if any, interest in the game of the year, decided to take heed of some of the comments shouted by the armchair quarterbacks gathered in front of the screen. He realized that there was a similarity between the game and his professional life in real estate.

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He was able to see the entire playing field, without the personal attachment to a particular team. This enabled him to peel away some valuable lessons from the fumbles and apply the strategies to his real estate presentations.

Adelaide Polsinelli Headshot2He shared some noteworthy “aha” moments that are worth considering, for anyone hoping to achieve more touchdowns in his or her real estate career.

When pitching an assignment, using these strategies can be useful in convincing the client that you are the best candidate for the job. Honing some pregame skills will enable you to compete confidently and score more successes.

Here are some tips:

Do your homework: Thorough analysis and getting granular with the details of the deal, combined with fine-tuning drills and running through warmups before every pitch, will gain you a competitive edge.
Choose your teammates well: A solid, carefully chosen lineup is key to capitalizing on the strengths of your roster.

Identify and position each player in your arsenal according to his or her strengths. The ability to draw talent from your team’s vault of expertise is an invaluable tool. It’s critical to be the strongest team, with a deep bench of seasoned pros at your disposal.

Get in the zone: Research has shown that great athletes use a pregame ritual to create a mind-set for success. This holds true for brokers as well. World-class sports figures understand how to harness the power of their mind and get psyched before the game even begins. Great pro stars recognize that getting in the proper zone before the whistle blows is critical.

Confidence is king: Get focused and fine-tune your brain. Capitalize on your positive energy. Mental preparation is important before a pitch. It enables you to react assertively, because you have already determined how you will achieve success for yourself and your client. Keep your emotions at bay and focus on a successful endgame.

Prepare for anything: Take steps to manage the outcome by eliminating as much of the unknown as possible.

Anticipate any and every issue that may arise and develop a plan for resolving objections and overcoming obstacles.

Get in the game: Your goal is to communicate effectively and with conviction to the client that you are the best choice for the project at hand.

Getting your feet on the field and entering the competition is half the win. The rest is you. Remember, you miss 100 percent of the shots that you don’t take.

Touchdown: One team wins, but that doesn’t mean there has to be a loser. Unlike the Super Bowl, the great thing about real estate pitches is that you don’t have to wait a year for the next one.

Adelaide Polsinelli is a Senior Director at Eastern Consolidated, where she heads the retail sales division. She is a seasoned sales professional with over 26 years of experience in the sale of every real estate asset class.